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Podravka – The Company with Heart

The heart in our logo is there to mark the attention Podravka pays to our consumers, employees and all those who care about the company. With you we grow, and together with you we develop. We take special care about preserving the environment, developing our surroundings and society. We are always attentive to your needs and are constantly coming up with new ideas to help you. We are led by the principles of sustainable development, which in practice means that we are using resources in optimal fashion, with as little waste as possible.

We have created numerous brands for you, brands that you have been enjoying for years. And we justify your trust by the top quality of our products.

Vegeta, Podravka soups and Lino are brands that people around the world enjoy the most. Podravka brands and products have received awards like Superbrand and the Superior Taste Award – both in Croatia and in countries of the region and Europe. Nevertheless, our greatest success is the fact that you keep inviting us to your home every day and are enjoying our products.

In Podravka we don’t see people as consumers but rather as guests at the table. That’s why we have been serving only top quality products, prepared with care and from the heart for so many years.

From Europe, America and Asia, to Australia and Africa, Podravka is present on all five continents.  Through our strong distribution network, our products find their way to dinner tables from the Adriatic to the Baltic Sea. We develop strategic alliances with individual companies and enable them to distribute their products to new markets using our network.

Podravka -
the company
with a heart

Podravka has been instrumental at gathering families around the table in over 50 countries. As a result of the trust you placed in us, we are the leading food brand in the region and a renowned company in Europe. Our core business is food and pharmaceuticals.

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